Test email is not actually sent, despite the fact that the message “Test Email has been sent.” This is now resolved

There is a known issue with test emails. More information and workaround is available here. The issue is now resolved

  • Hey,

    I've just sent a test email out within Phish Threat and received it so it appears this one has since been resolved.



  • In reply to byron:

    Hello, I have the similar issue.

    First time the test email delivery failed. Second time passed. Third time failed. 

    So it is very odd.



  • In reply to Patrik Sychra:

    Hi Patrik,

    It could take up to 5 minutes for those test messages to be delivered to your email. If you're certain you're not getting the emails can you please send me a summary of your steps so I can attempt to recreate the issue? I've done some testing already and every time I send the test email, it comes through pretty much straight away to both my private email and work one. 

    Many thanks,


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    Hi Byron,

    Just created New Campaign Attachement - selected training "Office attachements" - Secure Document Attack - entered the email settings for sender (default) - inserted my email address and hit the button send.

    I tryied with a freemail account  - successfully delivered. OK. it works now.

    But it hasn´t been delivered to my company email.

    But one test today, with the same parameters, had been delivered in time. So that could confirm, we had whitelisted your IPs.

    I think this issue is random. can´t explain it.

    BTW I have a legit license for 620 users and recently made multi-language Phishing campaign for big company. The only issue might be, that I do have a different domain then the customer´s account. I´m the administrator now for creating the campaign.


    I have more questions and suggestion to this product.




  • In reply to Patrik Sychra:

    Hey Patrik, 

    One thought as to why some messages are not getting through is that they are getting blocked perhaps by an overzealous firewall of spam filter on the network. 

    If things don't stay consistent and you're sure you've correctly white-listed our IPs and domains then please log a Support case with us and we'll check our back-end systems to see if there were problems sending the email out. 

    For your suggestions to the product please write them up on our ideas page where our Product Management team will see them. 



  • In reply to byron:

    Hi Byron,

    Actually, I have found those "TESTing" emails in my mailbox, at last. The problem is, that they were delivered at 23:05 and 23:10 to our gtw (as you can see), almost Friday midnight.

    Sorry this is not quite "5 min" delay to me :) - I have created the "campaign" during afternoon.


    This leads to the statement, that "some" testing emails were not delivered, because one is trying more campaigns and can easily get lost, what email belonged to what campaign etc.

    It it confusing becasue of this.

    I have attached a screenshot from my Mail Log.