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Completed Users Appearing on Incomplete Report - Also Completed Users Getting Incomplete Emails

There is something strange going on here.  Submitting issue to PhishThreat.  They should not appear in the incomplete Report. They should ALSO not be able to start the same training after completion!

This has been happening to several of our users and we are getting complaints. Where they appear on the incomplete report even though they have completed the training. Also they keep getting emails to complete even though they have completed it.


I cannot input bug requests so you guys do it.  it does not work on any browser for me.

  • Hi  

    Would it be possible to raise a support case for this so that further investigation into your account can be performed? Please PM me with the details of your support case so that I can follow up accordingly.


  • In reply to FloSupport:

    We are seeing the same problem in our Phish Threat v2. Users are completing training and the system is not even registering them as starting the training.  We have had a few users duplicate this.


    Seems there is a problem on the back end if it is affecting multiple accounts...

  • In reply to Kory Thornberg:


    Apologies for this inconvenience, have you already raised a support case so investigation can also be performed for your account?

    If so, please PM me with your case ID so I can follow up.