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Basic Phishing Tips Interactive training - bug?

There appears to be no way to "finish" the quiz at the end of the Basic Phishing Tips Interactive training module.

There are two questions, but there is no "Submit" or "Complete Quiz" button. This has been observed, so far, in Chrome (70.0.3538.77) and Firefox (63.0.1).


On a related note, viewing the same quiz in FireFox, the radio buttons in the quiz do not toggle when you select one.


Screenshot of Chrome:


Screenshot of FireFox

  • Hi David,

    Apologies for this inconvenience, would it be possible to please raise a support case for further investigation into this strange behavior?

    Please also send me a PM with your support case number so that I can follow up.


  • In reply to FloSupport:

    Thanks again for the help Flo.


    Just to close off this thread. It was a PEBCAK error. Embarrassed


    I was using the same test email to show off the service.

    With the url having a unique identifier, I was going back to a quiz that I'd already completed...