Corporate Browser freezes when using Smart-Cover to unlock


We've detected a strange issue with Sophos Secure Workspace on iOS 12.3 (iPad Pro 12.9).

We use the Corporate Browser to operate a PHP web application. If you use the power button to lock and unlock the iPad while the browser is open, you can easily use the web application again.

But if you lock and unlock the iPad by closing and opening the smart-cover, the pop-up "Check Sophos Container Policy ..." appears for a moment before the web application is shown again. However, if you now try to click/touch a control or button, that uses JavaScript (to open a dialog for example), then the Sophos browser stops responding and blocks all further input. Only when you return to the home view of iOS and reopen the Sophos workspace, you can use the web application again.

Summary: The Corporate Browser seems to block the execution of JavaScript code after unlocking the iPad via smart-cover.



Michael Bach | Software-development
Comp4U EDV-Anlagen GmbH