Update apps deployed with sophos central for mobile devices

How do i update the apps deployed to mobile devices?


Can the apps automatically be updated thru Sophos Central and then automatically to the mobile devices? Must the use with the mobiel update the apps self?


When there is a new version of an IOS app we would likedeploy this updates to the devices automatically.


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    For Android, If the app is already installed on a device that receives the task of Install App, it is updated. You can update the iOS software for the following device types:

    • Supervised devices
    • Supervised Apple DEP devices

    For more information regarding the task available for iOS, please see this article.

    If you have VPP then apps should update automatically otherwise to update apps for iOS you will need to send a new install task to those devices for the specific apps you want to update. 

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    All the devices are automatically supervised is told. We have VPP so the VPP apps are automatically updated and send to the devices or must we do the task steps: show available updates, when i do that only IOS updates are available most of the time.


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    That option is only for the iOS updates, not for the application updates. 

     has provided you the document regarding iOS update which you are performing.

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    The document that is provided looks like it is only for IOS updates, but my question was about APP updates.

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    As far as I understand you want pre-installed app automatically updated. Unfortunately, this is not something that can be performed through Sophos Mobile. The software only allows the updating of apps in two different circumstances.

    The first way you can get apps automatically updated is through Apple VPP which has been combined now into apple business manager. This setting can be enabled within the settings in Sophos Mobile. Please note the automatic updating of these apps can only occur if the apps have been purchased and installed through Apple VPP.

    The second way you can get apps updated is by sending an install task to the device for the app itself however please note that this will require the user confirmation on the device. This is also not available for apps that are pre-installed on the device. 

    Please let me know if you have any further concerns. 

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    That is exactly what i want. The apps updated automatically that we installed through VPP. I cannot find an option to update these apps automatically and hoping that there is also no user intervention needed?


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    Thank you for the clarification.

    Once you are logged in to the Sophos Central mobile/Sophos on-prem mobile web portal, go to setup --> Apple Setup and click on the Apple VPP tab.

    There please check the option "Automatically update iOS VPP apps assigned to devices". Please refer the below screenshot.