iOS Update Not Working


I have supervised iPhone 7 (Done through Apple Configurator, not DEP) and I created a task bundle to update iOS version. Here is what I am finding.

-> Cannot update iOS version in single app mode- Is this expected behavior?

-> When I take it out of single app mode and run the task bundle to update iOS it has to be done in a two-step process. The first time I use the task bundle it will download, but it will not install. I send the task again and Liteblue this time it will install - Is this expected behavior?

-> When the update finishes it requires user intervention to touch the home screen button to finish and complete? - Is this expected behavior? Any way around this?



  • Hi  

    The first scenario which you are describing is the expected behavior. If your device is in a single app mode, iOS cannot be updated. For the other one, it will first try to down newer versions of the update and then a notification will be received to install the updates. Do you see any errors from the task bundles when you send it in Single App mode? For the 3rd scenario, I do believe that is the intended behavior in iOS and we cannot modify the same. 

  • if iOS 13.1 update is still not showing even if your network is connected, might as well refresh or reset your network site connection.