Can we use Sophos Mobile Security alongside another MDM?

I've trying to get my head around how Sophos Mobile works. Is it an MDM or not? A client already has a dedicated MDM for iOS devices and my understanding is that you cannot have one device enrolled in two MDMs. Can you use Sophos Mobile Security alongside another MDM?

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    Sophos Mobile Control is an MDM solution and Sophos Mobile Security is our free app available for Android/iOS which can also be managed via Sophos Mobile Control. So, installing Sophos Mobile Security with another MDM solution should not be a problem. While managing the device with 2 MDM solutions is not recommended. I have never tested it out, but can only imagine the type of issues it will lead to. The two MDM solutions will sort of compete for managing the same device and neither of them will be able to work as designed. I do not recommend managing a device with 2 MDM solutions at once. You can find the feature matrix of Sophos Mobile Control here. While more information on Sophos Mobile Control can be found here.

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    I have confirmed with Apple already that it is impossible to have more than one MDM controlling a iOS device for security reasons. Thanks for the clarification on Sophos Mobile Control. Just to confirm within our portal we have licenses for "Mobile Advance" so I assume this is the license for Sophos Mobile Control. Are you able to confirm?

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    That would be correct. You will be able to able to manage devices with Sophos Mobile Control and you can find more details about it here. (Scroll to the very bottom.)