Does Sophos save things on ICloud?!


Does the Sophos Mobile Workspace or also Sophos Mobile Mail save things in Icloud (Dokumentsor Attachments)?

I recognized that on IOS the function sync with Icloud exists and it is also activated after the registration.

Or does it give a way to restrict that?

Thanks for your Help!

  • Hi  

    You can set up Sophos Mobile as per your requirements. If you wish to save the email attachments to iCloud, then you can set the "Open attachments" option under the Work Mail settings for that iOS Container policy as "In all apps" which means that the file can be opened up in all applications that support it. Alternatively, you can set it as "In container apps" which will encrypt the attachment with a device key and can be only opened in Sophos Secure Workspace application. 

    For the documents, you can add corporate documents and make them shareable which means you can upload them on iCloud if you wish. 

    If you want to restrict access to iCloud, then you can hide the "Files" and "iCloud Drive" apps by following this article and you can also set restrictions in the iOS device profile and this link will give you better clarity on this.