IOS Notifications don't work


We have the Sophos Mobile Controll with the Sophos Mobile Mail running in our company.

Settings are: Privat Device and Container Mail solution, Users Added with Active Directory.


Everthing is working but not the notifications for IOS.

-I already did these things:

-Push notifications are activiatet on IOS under Apps -> Permissions



But here we added EWS only for two test IOS Users and we did not activated the Basic Authtification.

Did I forget something? Or does it only work when I also activate the Basic Authtification in the IIS?


Thanks for your help!

  • Hi  

    As mentioned in KBA 127137 you will need to make sure that Basic Authentication and Windows Authentication are enabled for the EWS website.

  • In reply to Yashraj:

    I already thought that we need bought... but can you explain me why does it need the Basic and Windows Authentication?

    And why isnt the Windows Authentication only enough?


    And does the change need a restart of the Exchange IIS service?

    Thanks for your help!

  • In reply to Thierry Widmer:


    We recommend both, Basic and NTLM authentication due to the differences when SecurePIM Portal or SMC is used. For example, with SMC and our iOS App, only Basic auth is supported as the iOS networking component is used. Another example would be a mail server setup where the NTLM authentication fails due to configuration issues, Basic authentication could work as a fallback.

  • In reply to Yashraj:

    Thanks for your help it worked with the EWS Basic Authentication.

    But now only the Push works...

    Is it possible to have the embedded Icon in the right corner of the app which shows that new messages are in the App?

  • In reply to Thierry Widmer:


    Unfortunately, it is not possible to get the notification counter on the Sophos Secure Email application. If you would like to see this feature in the future release of Sophos Secure Email, then please raise a feature request.