iPad locked down to only Safari and 3-4 sites only.

Hey all, Im researching Sophos Mobile for iPads and have researched the crap out of this but haven't found a solution. Im still in pilot/testing mode and want to get it working.

Im trying to lock down the iPad to only have Safari and 3-4 sites only.

That means removing all other apps (if possible).

And so that Safari opens at a web site by default, like the home page (like kiosk mode).


Some background:

I have the iPad in Supervisor mode on and have been able to deploy profiles/policies to the device.

As well as preventing the iPad from using certain apps and blocked almost all web sites (except the 4 required).

Any help is appreciated.

  • Hi Peter, 

    - To block all applications and allow a few of them, 

    1. Create a new App group for iOS and add the applications you want the users to use. 

    2. Create a new compliance policy and select the iOS platform. 

    3. Set the second last option there to "Allowed apps" and select the new App group you created in the next drop down. You can create an alert and block access to the container if that's what you want. (Additionally, a task bundle can also be transferred if the rule is violated.) 

    - To block websites and allow a few of them,

    1. Go to Profile, polices> iOS > Select the policy you want to edit/Create a new one. 

    2. Click on Add configuration > Web Content filter > Allowed URLs with bookmarks > Add the websites which the users should be able to access.

    - Kiosk mode like functionality in iOS can be achieved by, 

    1. Going to Profiles, policies > iOS > Device policy > Single app mode. 

    2. Configure the settings as per your requirements. 

    The functionality of setting a homepage in Safari is not available as of now. You can suggest this idea here.

  • In reply to Yashraj:

    Thank you very much for the info.

    I have it done now, but not being able to set Safari's homepage is a headache.

    Any ideas how I can do this at time of device setup?

    -this is the only outstanding point for us now to proceed with deployment.

  • In reply to Peter Smith3:

    Hi Peter, 

    I don't think it possible to set a homepage in Safari. This is a limitation of Safari and I did confirm this with Apple.

    The alternative solution is to use a 3rd party browser. 

  • best way to do this is to use a restriction profile and add forbidden apps, you can then create an app group to remove all built in apps. disabled everythign in the restrictions profile that you dont need then create a web clip to deploy to devices for the desired home page you want users to see. this will then have 3 apps on screen, settings (as cannot remote this) Safari and the webclip.

    restriction profile to block all web pages except for your desired 4.


    or use single app mode :-)