Sophos Secure Mail crashes when tapping on "All Contacts"



we just introduced Sophos Mobile in our company a few months ago and untill now there have not been any major issues.


But we have (atleast) 2 iPhones that constantly crash when going into the Secure Mail App, tapping on "Contacts" and finally tapping on "All Contacts".

After that, the App just closes without any notification whatsoever making it impossible to use the App for business.


I already renewed all Sohpos Apps as well as the integration in the Sophos Console, which fixes it for like an hour but thats about it after that the constant crashing is back.

Both iPhones run iOs 12.1.


Does anyone had a similar/same issue ? I really want to avoid making a factory reset on every phone that has this issue.


Thanks in advance.

  • Hello,

    we have the same problem with our IPhones after updating the SMC-Server from version: 8.5 to version: 8.6.

    In Version 8.5 there weren't such problems. 

    The IPhones run on iOS 12.1.


    Additionally sometimes all loaded emails are disappear in the app.


    This can only be fixed if we close the app (double tap on the Home-Button and swipe to close the App)

    After re-opening the app, the emails will be downloaded.

    But after a while, the problems reappear.


    Thanks so far.

  • Hi,


    We run Mobile in Sophos Central Cloud and have noticed the issue recently as well with the Secure Email App, with some of our IPhone IOS 12 users.  Email will randomly disappear, and stop syncing altogether (then randomly start working again).  This is also causing calendar and contacts to disappear in the app, thus causing texting and voice contacts to disappear as well.  This is all happening randomly, with no explanation.   We have also re-enrolled devices, as well as had users reboot devices.  This fixes the issue for a short period of time before it happens again.

  • In reply to Eric Kunselman:


    we have the same problems here - also with ios 12 IPhones. 


    Best regards