Unable to Send Apps to IOS devices

Hi Community, We are having issues sending apps to our fleet of IOS devices. We have today updated to the latest version of SMC (8.6.5) but the tasks just sit in the Delayed state.  Devices say they are synced ok & firewall rules all appear to be correct and not blocking any communications.

I am seeing the following in the SMC app on some of the IOS devices (running multiple versions including 12.1) - Cloudcomm sync failure  Error Domain= Code=0 "(null)" UserInfo={summary=Synchronization failed, reason=Could not connect. Please try again later.} E.

Anyone seen this before ?   



  • For iOS applications that you add to Sophos Mobile, you can select an application installed as managed or unmanaged on users devices. Below I wrote instruction that will help solve your problem.

    Managed applications have the following characteristics:

    When you select a managed application in the Enterprise App Store, an installation task is created and processed in Sophos Mobile. In contrast, when you select an unmanaged application, they are redirected to the Apple App Store to install the application from there.
    You can delete managed applications in Sophos Mobile Admin. This is not possible for unmanaged applications.
    On monitored iOS devices, managed applications are installed and removed silently, that is, without user intervention.
    Some settings in iOS device profiles are available for managed applications only.
    When an iOS device is not registered with Sophos Mobile, all managed applications are automatically deleted from the device. Unmanaged applications will remain on the device.
    The following rules determine whether an application is installed managed or unmanaged:

    Just learn that applications that you install from Sophos Mobile Admin are always managed. Applications that the user installs from the App Store are always unmanageable.
    Applications that a user installs from the Enterprise App Store are managed if you activate the SMC managed installation option in the application properties, as described in Add an application.
    To check the status of the application on the device, open the "Show Device" page for this device and go to the "Installed Applications" tab. See the “Show Device” page.

    More info you find by this link - community.sophos.com/.../best-way-to-deploy-apps-with-smc and on this site.