SMC App "unenrolling"?

Anyone experiencing their iPhones SMC App sometimes "unenrolling"? I put it in quotes because they are still operational, gets email, shows up fine in Admin Console, you know, all that jazz. But when you open the SMC app it will ask to Scan QR or enter credentials manually as if it was never setup? This does not happen to all phones, but to about 30% of newly setup phones. It also happens randomly, but usually when the device is off and shipped to different city, in the same state. We can to login to portal and "Reconfigure SMC App" and have them scan QR code again and everything is all fine after that and issue does not reappear. 

Anyone else experiencing anything similar to this? Or have any advice on what is causing this? We are unable to pinpoint an iOS version, model, or SMC app version. This issue has been occurring for about 2 months now. We use Apple Configurator 2 to supervise the phones.