Sophos Email App - iOS Authentication Problems


we are using the Sophos Email App for iOS and the Sophos Central Cloud Solution.

Currently we have the App Version 7.56.6 deployed.

Unfortunately we've massive problems with the User authentication on the App. It seems that the App is randomly discarding the user credentials and there is also no special time when this happens. Sometimes after 1 day and sometimes after 2-3 days. If it happens the app is back on factory default and the user has to retype the password and no push-notfication works during that time.

We've also tried several configurations on the Sophos Central. Currently: Offline access rules - Last Server connect: 1 week - Offline starts without server connection: Unlimited

Log File: Sophos-Logs.txt

Time were App was opend and reseted: 27.05.2018 - 22:14 o'clock.

We'll do the same test also on the Android App this week.

I hope you can help us on this or maybe someone else has similar problems :-).

Thank you and regards,



BTW: The eMail App itself is looking good and works really well for mailing :-)

  • Update: It seems that the Android Sophos Mail App does not have this problem. But it seems also that the Apps are not the same on a technical perspective.