iPhone setup

We got this message for the first time when setting up a new iPhone.  How do we resolve this?

  • There are two common errors that occur when installing Sophos Mobile Control on your iOS device. Sometimes the download servers receive a large amount of traffic, which causes an error when installing the Sophos Mobile Control Profile. Below I write how to fix this by following a few simple steps.

    1. Turn on your device Flight mode.
    2. Go to Settings> Safari> Clear Website History and Data.
    3. Click on Clear website history and data.
    4. Now turn off the flight mode.
    5. You must remove the existing Sophos Mobile Control application. You can learn how to remove Sophos Mobile Control here - community.sophos.com/.../113406.

    Download Sophos Mobile Control again, following the instructions in the link.
    Now Sophos Mobile Control will work on your device without errors. I hope that the above information is useful, and you will learn something new for you.