blocking and filtering calls

Dear Sophos mobile security team,

 I am using Sophos mobile security since two years and it’s very good antivirus for android.

This application has now a very nice home page. Just for the call filtering miss one of important thing; which is block all contacts  and allow just the white list, sometimes we needs to block all contacts except two or 03 phone numbers from your family,  it will be very useful that Sophos think to add this opportunity like some applications build for call filtering.

Is it possible that the generator of this application will think on that?


Thanks in advance.




  • Hi  

    Thank you for the suggestion. If you are looking for Whitelisting/Allow List it is already available in the current version 7.1.2457 (18). Please check the screenshot below:

    1. Click on the Edit icon beside Number never blocked.


    2.  Click on the "+" symbol to add the numbers.

    Let me know if this helps resolve your query.

  • In reply to Haridoss Sreenivasan:

    Dear Haridoss Sreenivasan,

    Many thanks for replying to me, Yes you are right the white list already exist under the Sophos mobile security, but I am looking how to block all contacts (this does not exist) except the white list (numbers never blocking) sure could call me.
    I think now maybe you know exactly what I am looking for.
    I made a search in this application I did not find the way to block all contacts, and only the white list will be ok.
    So, is there any way or method to do this?


    thanks in advance.



  • In reply to Laid_r:

    Hi Laid    

    Now I understand what you are looking for. You are right, we do not have the feature yet and I am not sure if we are expecting this feature in any future updates, but you may raise a Feature Request here.

  • In reply to Haridoss Sreenivasan:

    Dear Sophos mobile security users & Haridoss Sreenivasan,

    After a deep search under the sources of Sophos mobile security, I found a way how to block all contacts and allowing only the white list which will be never blocked.

    Under any smartphone we have possibility to create a groups calls, but here we needs to create a similar groups which already exist under the product Sophos mobile security (Co-workers, Family, Friends, My contacts & Shared in Android), after these groups were created, we select what we want to be in the white list; for example 10 numbers we drag them under Family group, and all contacts drag them under My contacts group.

    All suggestion of blocking calls should be toggle on except the last one (block the numbers whose did not exist under my contacts).

    Under numbers always blocked put the spam numbers if exist or someone which you did not needs to talk to him, here when you decide to do not receive any one call for certain period of time except the white list at this moment you have to activate the last option (block the numbers whose did not exist under my contacts) & to drag My contacts group there (but do not forget to remove this group, when the period finish); just go under number always blocked edit remove my contacts groups and keep the others.

    Keep also block unknown numbers always active (call from hidden numbers).

    Keep the last option always deactivated (block the numbers whose did not exist under my contacts), unless you are in period that only the white list could calls you.

    Finally, it will be very nice and better if the generator of this application create the option block all contacts and to reset what they remove long time ago; which is the option to block the message (SMS) as well, I remember it was exist in previous versions that I used before.

    I hope this could help who is looking for this.