SMC 7.0.10 silent apk installation


I have question about SMC silent APK installation from server. I want to deploy apk to all users at once about 1800 android 5.0.2 or higher without user interaction. It is possible? Or this function will be later?

  • Hi Mantas,

    this depends on the device type you are using.
    On Samsung devices, the app should be installed without any user interaction.

    On other devices, the user will get a prompt to install the app or to enable the "Unknown Sources" within settings.

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    Thanks Stefan.

    I will try with Samsung devices. Now my organization are using Lenovo tablets

  • This means that when you download an APK with your browser, for instance, you'll have to give your browser permission Tellthebell to install apps.

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    This post was created in 2017 and many things have been changed in the Sophos Mobile Control.

    I'd suggest you create a new thread with the issue you are facing.