APK and Playstore



I have devices enrolled on AFW policy, using a google managed playstore.

Issue that i have is we have a few apps created for our organisation, we need to test these app before we can publish it on the playstore.

How do i deploy the APK's to certain test devices that has an AFW profile before it can be published on the playstore.

Sophos only gives an option to choose a playstore or APK server.

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    Once you add the app apk file under Android Legacy, to install an app on several devices: On the Devices page, select the required devices and then click Actions > Install app.

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    All my devices are on a AFW, so I need to test apps, if there's an issue, deploy a updated APK, before publish it on the app store,,it would be much simple if there was an option to deploy APK and the use off google managed playstore on the AFW way. It more simple to manage devices on AFW mode, just the App testing is an issues since I can't deploy to specific devices in APK form for testing.

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    AFAIK, it is not possible to deploy an updated APK before publishing it for App testing. However, I will cross-check with my team.