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Security logo of Sophos

Dear Sophos team,


It will be very nice if we could see the security Sophos logo active like the others antivirus android, because some time we could not know if Sophos is running or is deactivated.
I use to use Sophos mobile security for a long time and I will keep using it because till now this application is the best like the antivirus for windows.

Thanks in advance.



  • Hi  

    On your device, Go to Apps> Sophos Intercept X for mobile> Under App info>App Setting, check for the Notifications settings( App icon badges) and see if it is enabled, I am not sure if this is you are referring to? 

  • In reply to Shweta:

    Dear Shweta,


    Thanks you for your response.

    I checked all your suggestions but the notification showing that my phone is secured is not displayed.

    I attached a picture (just example) from the showing that the device is secured by Avast Mobile Security to understand my meaning or my reuest.


    Thanks in advance.


  • In reply to Laid_r:


    There is a screen widget of Sophos Intercept X for mobile which displays the health status and the reason behind red health is shown in the Sophos Intercept X for mobile.

    Once it is set up, the health will be visible and if you find it red, you can click on that widget, it'll open an application for you.

  • In reply to Jasmin:

    Dear Jasmin & Sophos team,

    Most Android antivirus has an active logo showing the situation of the phone; showing that the phone is secure or infected.

    I hope you get my point concerning my wondering above.


    Thanks in advance.


  • In reply to Laid_r:


    We understand your concern but there are a few customers who also doesn't like it as it'll be there permanently on their screen until they remove Sophos.

    So, Display widget is the best way to provide the health of the phone, so the customer who wants it, they can place it on the screen.

    I hope my point provide you with the idea behind this. You can still submit a feature request here to make permanent.