Password Safe Fingerprint Login Issue

Hi, after the recent system update in my phone, I encountered this issue where the fingerprint login will fail with an error: Fingerprint authentication failed

But I can confirm that my fingerprint scanner works fine. Also I can reproduce the same issue 100% of the time.

And to bypass the error I just have to:

- wait for like 10 sec. and try again and the fingerprint login works again

- or try to hover/switch to another app then switch back and the fingerprint login works again too, which lead me believe that this could be a bug related to latest android update

Thanks for reading, if I could be of any help to further investigate this issue, please let me know. Thank You :)

Device: Pocophone F1

Android version: 10 QKQ1.190828.002

MIUI version: MIUI Global 11.0.4

  • Hi there, 

    It'd be great if you can provide me with the name of Sophos product which is causing this issue on your phone.

    From the above description, I can see that you probably have an issue with fingerprint scanner after a system update which is provided by MI.

    If that is the case, I'd request you to take support from the vendor on this issue.

  • In reply to Jasmin:

    Hi Jasmin, im using intercept x for android, i will try your suggestion, thank you :)

  • In reply to Jet Rey Maza:

    Hi Jet,

    You're welcome.