Password for Exchange Account ?

Hi, i want to roll out an Exchange Mail Account for a couple of Phones, i wonder where i can enter the password for the account? Maybe you can help?

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    You are trying to set up an Exchange account policy for Android enterprise enrolled devices. In this, you don't need to enter the password here.

    Once it is set up, it will prompt for the password to a user on the device. Please refer to this document for your reference.

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    Hi, thank you for your reply.

    This is actually really bad... does this mean i have to collect each one of the phones (50+) again and put in the password manually if i don't want the user to know the password? Is there no other way?

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    If you are not using Android enterprise and directly enrolling the device with Sophos Mobile device enrollment, then you have the option to enter the password while setting it up or if that is not set, the user will get pop up to enter the password. 

    But Android Enterprise has not had that functionality as because user's credential should be confidential and known to him only.