Is there an Android Backdoor?

While using my Android Ellipses 8 HD, Android Version 7.0, Security Patch June 2018, it becomes controlled remotely.  For example, apps are opened, website for e-mail was downloaded in a pdf file, trying to turn-off device is Cancelled.

How do I stop this?  By "stop" I mean "catch".   Just temporarily avoiding a trespassing hacker avails nothing.

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    It seems that security patch of your operating system is quite an older one. Would you please suggest whether you are using Sophos AV on your device?

    I'd suggest you download Sophos Intercept X for mobile and scan your device with it.

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    I am a returning-second-career student, for financial reasons my options are limited.

    Attempts to update both the Android Version and the Security Patch Level show that there are no available  updates.  Is there a means to verify?

    It seems to occur when using wifi.  Unfortunately, I am unable to make any adjustments to the  owner's network.

    I installed Sophos Intercept X for Mobile, without a noticable effect.

    My Pixel 3 seems not to be hacked.

    To reiterate: It seems that marketed cyber security products seek to avoid the hackers, which merely delay.  There ought to be a means to trace hackers for civil and criminal action.

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    I'd suggest you format the phone. Intercept X for mobile never trace the hackers for any of the sections.

    They can avoid the attack if they exist on the device but once the device is affected, it is very hard for them to completely disinfect them.