Threema for Work Deployment


Our Customer is using Sophos Mobile and recently also Threema for Work.
The App has parameters we can define through Sophos Mobile, but without Wildcards (Wildcards are only available in the iOS version of the app).
If i only define the specific parameters in sophos mobile with the user data the app configuration for the same user is getting enrolled for all devices.

Is there a Way (mayby in corperation with Threema MDM) to deploy the App trough Sophos Mobile without insert the configuration data for each user in each phone manually?



  • Hi  

    Threema for work is supported on Android for work which is available with Sophos mobile but Android for work apps currently don't support Sophos mobile placeholders due to which it gets assigned to all the users.

    We have this document regarding deployment of Threema for work with Sophos Mobile.