Can't enroll a device, task bundle not shown

Hi, i created a task bundle for Android devices but when i want to add a deviuce using the wizard the task bundle is not shown.


Any idea what i'Äm doing wrong?

  • Hi  

    Would you please provide the screenshot of the task bundle with detailed information which you should be receiving here as an option? 

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    Hi Jasmin!

    Sure, this is the task bundle:


    I'm really new to this whole Sophos Mobile thing so i guess i am doing something wrong. However, i tried it in the past and i remember i had no trouble adding devices what so ever. Also i found in the documentation that adding a task bundle is optional:


    But when i use the wizard now it seems mandatory to add the task bundle.

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    Would you please suggest whether you have assigned the user while performing the steps to add the device?

    If not, please assign the user in the first step and then you'll be able to get the enrollment task bundle ahead.

  • In reply to Jasmin:

    Thank you, this did the trick.

    Still... the "startup guide" has this:


    Was this changed at some point or did i mess something up?

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    Both the things are optional, so when you are using task bundle option, you need to opt the user assignment as the email address of the user needs for bundle option assignment.