Sophos Antivirus v6 software causing ClearCase performance issues


Is anyone out there having major problems running Sophos Antivirus software on an enterprise desktop, which is causing serious performance problems for ClearCase. Previous v4 of Sophos ran without issue, however, v6 is much more active and even if you tell it not to scan the M: drive and any MVFS dynamic view drives in an on-access mode it tries to check everthing a view has mounted if you copy certain types of file (i.e. .exe files or Official Website) It is also killing cleartext caching with VOB subdirectories with files taking many seconds to refresh and application, such as, TextPad to freeze if the windows manager looses focus and you return to the application.

  • Hi  

    Can you please confirm the Sophos Product and the version of that product you are using? I would request you to check and confirm if Sophos is consuming abnormal amounts of computer resources and post a screenshot of that.