Link checker stopped working

It seems with Android 10, Sophos is no longer listed as an option for default browser, so the link checker is inoperable. Anyone have a solution for this? Is there a way to report bugs?

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    If you have purchased a license for your enterprise use, I'd request you to open a case here which will help you to resolve your issue. I'll also discuss the same with my support team to check whether it is a known issue or not. I'll inform you once I have any update on this.

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    I have checked this with our team and seems that this is something which would require an in-depth investigation and hence I would request you to open a support case and PM me the case details. 

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    I am experiencing the same problem. I don't have an enterprise license, so I'm not allowed to open a support case. This is a bug in the Sophos Mobile app.

    I submitted the following support request but the support person directed me to this community forum. Can you provide a solution?

    My support request:  Link checker in Sophos Mobile (now Intercept X for mobile) won't work because Intercept X does not appear in the Android system's list of available browser apps. In order to turn on link checker, I am instructed to select Intercept X as my default browser in Android settings. But Intercept X is not presented as an option there. The developer needs to properly register the app as a browser with the Android OS. This is Android version 10.

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    You might not be getting that option as Android 10 was not listed as a supported OS till now.

    I need to confirm this with our Product specialist team whether it is supported with Sophos Mobile 9.5. I'll let you know once I have an update on this.

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    I had discussed this scenario with our Support specialist team and they have confirmed that this behaviour on Android 10 is happening because of the bug in the Operating system Android 10.

    Please review this article which has been created for the same.

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    Thank you for looking into that. I apologize for assuming the bug was in Sophos's app rather than the Android OS itself. I hope you will press Google for a solution to the bug.