Application Cache

Before I go ranting at the application developers, is there any way using Sophos Mobile, we can set an application to not cache any details entered into an app. 

For example, in the application there are a number of fields for names and addresses, because this is a public facing device locked down in kiosk mode and locked away in a specially designed cradle, as it stands during testing we have seen fields auto populating with info from previous entries. 

I cant see anything that would do this, closest I can see is 'allow autofill in browser'....

Can anyone advise? If not I can see the developers having to make changes to the applications software. 


Will J. 

  • Hi  

    Unfortunately, as of now, it is not possible to set an application for not caching the details which you enter in the app by Sophos mobile application. Please help us with this as feature recommendation via ideas forum and do post your valuable suggestion for our product management to have a look at it and consider its feasibility.