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Mobile v 8.6.2880 on Android 8.1.0 (Motorola G5+) very heavy, intermittent battery drain

Hi, I've searched these forums and found out about older version issues with excessive battery drain but this is a very current and unexpected issue. For the past 4 months or so, periodically (around once every 3 to 4 weeks approximately) Mobile 8.6.2880 will drain the battery fully within a few hours. Looking at Android's battery stats I'll see 80 - 85% of power demanded by the software within say 6 hours. I can recharge and it may continue for a while, then it settles down to very little power drain, only as you might expect for 'normal' power drain. Then a few weeks later it happens all over again. I have not been able to tie it to any particular phone state and I really can't believe it's down to a scan, that would be crazy. It does make the software unreliable under these circumstances because you can pick up your phone and Sophos Mobile has trashed the battery. That is a great pity because apart from this it is one of the most useful, well presented pieces of mobile software I've ever encountered.

Any ideas or help with this issue to enlighten as to what's going on would be really appreciated, thanks.

  • Recently experienced another episode of this issue. Battery was drained from 80% to nothing in less than 6 hours. Sophos Mobile was the major contributor !

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    Next day, after a full battery recharge, it continues. Sophos Mobile drained 63% of the battery in less than 10 hours (for the remainder of the time shown in the image since the last recharge the phone was shutdown, for one thing at least, to cool the battery down). The restart after the long shutdown has resulted in the phone's battery now being discharged at a 'normal' rate, Sophos Mobile appears to not be doing whatever it was doing anymore... for now. How long before it's back to its 'old tricks' again ? Anyone ? I don't believe for one moment I'm alone with this issue.

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    The app has been updated to 9.0.2950 version. Please update the app and let us know if this issue is resolved. 

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    Thank you for the notification, have now upgraded to version 9.0.2950. I will watch it for a few weeks and post back either way. Pity about the removal of the call blocking feature... thank you Google ;-)

  • In reply to Peter Barrett:

    As promised, an update on this situation. Good news ! ... now 2 months further on and there have been no more heavy power drain issues at all :-) Currently using Sophos Mobile version 9.0.2992

    best regards

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    We are glad you are no longer facing this issue! Smile