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SSL stripping detected on home wifi network (android app)

The Sophos app on my android phone gave me a warning that it has detected SSL stripping on my home wifi network. What do I do to fix this?? The app just says to disconnect from the network, so I've temporarily unplugged the Wi-Fi router (and I'm using my phone data) until I figure out what to do. What should I do to secure the network to make it safe to use? And what other security precautions do I need to take (e.g. change all my passwords)?

  • I have this problem too, with the Sophos app on my Android phone. Reading one of the replies there states:

    "Hi, this is Thomas from the Mobile Product Management team.

    I have experienced the same issue with two well known and secure networks. We are not sure, what is triggering this as we have not made any changes recently.

    For the moment please regard this as false positive. We will investigate with all hands on deck tomorrow morning (Central European Timezone) and provide an update afterwards.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.


    With this in mind I am going to wait and see if this gets resolved, without being too alarmed, though of course I panicked a bit when I first saw this and started researching as quickly as possible, but in the meantime I will not be doing anything sensitive (e-mail, banking, social networks etc) over my wi-fi at home as a precaution.

  • In reply to Ruth Riddle:

    I too was rather concerned when my Android tablet gave me the same warning a few hours ago. I contacted my ISP who suggested a factory reset of both my device and modem. I am not rushing to do this and will wait for further updates regarding this issue. Like everyone else I am hoping that this is a false positive, and that all is well. In the meantime I'm using cables instead of WiFi.

  • In reply to Constantine:

    I had the same issue all day at work and now at home.  Very concerning to have these messages repeatedly pop up telling us to disconnect from the wifi connection. It briefly stopped then started again while at home.

  • In reply to Ruth Riddle:

    Hi, this is Thomas from the Mobile Product Management team.

    A quick update on this issue. We have identified the root cause of the issue and an update of our test data is currently processed to be distributed via Sophos cloud-based services.

    Please stay patient for some more time till this is processed. The app will update its data automatically and this issue will disappear.

    I will send another update, once we update has happened and Sophos Mobile Security will again work as expected



  • In reply to TLI:

    Hi, the issue should be resolved by now. You can find more details here: