Content manipulation and suspicious activity warning notifications

Hi,  Whenever I am connected to my home Wi-Fi network I getting a suspicious activity warning. When I click the details it says content manipulation. Description of this says content manipulation is where an attacker manipulates a websites contents causing you to perform harmful actions.  This allows them to do such things as bypass authentification or delete data. Whenever I get this warning it seems to also coincide with an ERR message I get on android that says connection interrupted a change in network detected. I get this when I click on a website briefly then it will continue on to the website. Anybody have any clue what is going on?  How to fix it? And if I can tell what or who has caused this?  Thanks in advance for any help, thoughts, opinions, feedback, etc.  Edit for info:  I am using sophos mobile security android that I installed from the play store.

  • This just started happening to me about a month after purchasing a persona vpn. Only thing is I don’t use the vpn on my phone while at home.
  • Same issue happening to me with no change to my network setup for wifi at home (Eero). Sophos is suddenly prompting for this content manipulation error. Notice is only happening on my iPhone. I ran a wifi scan from my desktop that doesn't seem to produce any error. Is there any change that is triggering these alerts suddenly?

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    The content manipulation alert is shown when an attacker manipulates a website’s content to force you to do harmful actions. This allows them to do such things as bypass authentication or delete data. Is this happening with any specific websites? Is it possible to reproduce the issue on demand? Can you confirm if you are using any VPN service on your iPhone? If so, try switching off the VPN service and check if you are still receiving this alert.

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    Hey there. The app has not given the alert since a week ago. I was not using VPN on my phone at the time. The last time it happened was when I pulled into the driveway and it picked up my home wifi. The alert strictly called out the wifi network and not any sites. Being that it hasn't happened since a week ago leads me to believe there has been an update to the app that has resolved the false positive. Thanks, Yashraj!

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    Glad to know that the issue is fixed for you. Smile

  • The same thing happening with me all of my devices are always connected to the one router at my home. But the fact is the warning doesn't show up on all of my devices this happens only on my android device. I don't know why, but one thing is for sure there's no issue with the router something's wrong with my android only.

    What do you guys think?