PPTV King 7 will not run latest Sophos Mobile Security

My smartphone will not run the latest version of Sophos Mobile security. It installs but all I get is a blank screen.  It has all the necessary permissions.

It will only run 7.05.2404 and earlier

Phone details from Phone Droid
Phone PPTV King 7
Android 5.1
Baseband MOLY.LR9.W1423.MD.LWTG.MP.V40.P9,2015/09/18 16:19
RIL Version mtk gemini ril 1.0
Build fingerprint PPTV/full_ef1682d/ef1682:5.1/PP60002D_68I/1450975235:user/dev-keys
Java VM ART 2.1.0
SDK 22
CPU AArch64 processor rev 2
chipset MT6795
Cores 8
Clock speed 403MHz-1950MHz
Instruction set arm64-v8a
CPU features fp asimd aes pmull sha1 sha2 crc32
CPU governor interactive
Kernel version 3.10.72+
Renderer PowerVR Rogue G6200
Vendor Imagination Technologies
OpenGL Version OpenGL ES 3.0


Total 2860MB

Available 1178MB (41%)

Java Heap 256MB

Internal 25.9GB

Available 22.9GB (89%)

  • Hi Peter jones4,

    The latest SMSec is not officially tested on all this specific device. However, I have forwarded it to our developer (Not sure if we can do something at the moment for this device). If you have an active license, please open a case and contact our support if you would like to proceed to investigate it. 

  • The latest one is not officially tested on some specific devices

  • In reply to Gowtham Mani:

    I do not have a license, I am using the free version from Android play. I tried raising a ticket but I got redirected to the community forum (here)


  • In reply to Ray Tyler:

    Hi Ray,

    I appreciate that the latest version may not be tested but I have to go back to version 7 to get it to work, and it is patchy even then. I have lifted all restriction and allowed all permissions.

    And I get the annoying upgrade prompts every time which I cannot seem to switch off