Access to SD card

Dear Sophos team,

In previous versions we have access to SD card and we could scan files or to install program from it; but now this opportunity is despaired? which has a big impact about value of this free antivirus.

I am wondering about this is it temporary or not.


  • Hi Laid_r,

    Please brief on your question so that I assist you. We still have the options to move the Apps to SD card. 

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    Good morning Mani,

    Many thanks for your repaly; but just for your information my question don't have relation with the permission because these permission are already allowed see the attached PIC.

    I am looking at the first time when we are transferring data from PC to SD carte of smartphone sophos scan all files while or during the transfer.

    For example if I installed the infected application (virus test application) it detected by sophos, but if this infected application I make a apk installed file from it using extracted app to make an installable application if it saved under mobile storage sophos still detect the infected extracted installable application, but If a make a copy or I copy it to SD carte sophos here could not detected it but before it does!!!!?.

    Sophos could not detected it until I run a full scan which is very worst. Berfor for the provirus versions sophos detected the suspected, infected and a low reputation application or installable apk files either under the SD card.

    So, I am asking the sophos team to review this please, I use to use sophos since long time and I don't like to move to another mobile antivirus , because sophos is and will sitll the better one.

    Best regards

  • In reply to Laid_r:

    Hi Laid_r,

    Thank you for clarifying your query. Do you see the "Infected/malicious application" being detected by Sophos when you try to run it from the SD card?

  • In reply to Gowtham Mani:

    Dear Mani,

    To answer to your question I could tell you yes.

    I mean sophos detected the infected file  let's talks about the virus application test under play store for testing any antivirus that it works. When I installed it from play store sophos detected it at the end of the installation. I have an extraction application installed from play store to have an executable apk file if I saved this apk extracted file under phone storage sophos still dectected it as an PUA. But if saved it under SD external Storage sophos here miss it until I run a full sacan; sophos catch it during the full scan. The problem will be with higher risk when we try to copy apk files fro example from laptop to SD card of smart phone sure sophos will missed all infected files, which is not case before in theprevious versions.

    The access to SD by is more than needed by sophos actually.

    I hope I gave you more information.

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    Hi Laid_r,

    Thanks for the detailed information. May I also know the previously used Sophos Mobile security version in which you saw this behaviour and the current version that you are using?

    Also, Jus for a confirmation, are you using the Sophos Mobile security unmanaged free version?

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    Dear Mani,

    The old version v4 that I used before it catches the PUA during coping it from PC to smartphone, even we change the applications with my colleagues using share it application or other application like Xender (application used to share between smartphones).

    Actually I use the latest version 8.6.286(24). Which normally should be better than the all oldest versions.

    Could you please review this issue.

    Thanks in advance.


  • In reply to Laid_r:

    Hi Laid_r,

    Sorry for the delay, we have raised this issue to our team to investigate further. I currently do not have a new update on this, However, I will update this thread once I have more details.

    If someone has support ticket relating this issue, please PM the case details so that I can have it flagged to the concerned team.

  • In reply to Gowtham Mani:

    I  am also facing the same problem...Sophos Mobile Security doesn't detects test virus application (apk file) which is stored in my internal storage after download completes unless we run a manual scan or the scheduled scan please fix this problem...this is very important... thanks

  • In reply to Uttaran Bhattacharjee:

    Dear sophos team,

    I see that the same issue still I means the scan of SD card couldn't catch the Virus in real time until I run the full scan.

    I tried the virus test under Goole play store afte the installation sophos catch it but when I made a copy of installation apk of virus test this copy was copied to phone drive sophos stills catch the installation application as virus but when it's copied to SD card sophos does not catches it until I run the full scan.

    Could you please review this issue I mentioned it in my previews emails above.

    Thanks in advance.

  • In reply to Laid_r:

    Dear sophos users,

    It looks that sophos back to the normal now it catches the threats under even the external drive (SD) which is good, also I see that the name now is sophos intercept X.

    Best regards,