Problem with SMC 5 : can't upload skype apk.

Hi everyone,
I can't able to upload Skype apk files to the mdm. I tried with many version of Skype apk.
I've no problem with others apk.
Can you help me to solve this problem.

  • Hi Kevin,

    by looking at the screenshot I could not see what might go wrong.

    If the issue persists, please contact our support team and try to reproduce the issue and provide a set of Sophos Mobile Conrol server logs. Information how to get logs can be found in .

    Best regards


  • If your El Capitan update won't reboot and you want to skip to the fix.

  • In reply to Broome Jonas:


    Would you please elaborate on the issue you are facing and the Sophos product along with the version you are currently using?