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iPhone - unlock a passcode locked phone

Hi all,

Looking for some advice as all the documentation read to-date is not giving any definitite answers.

We are currently managing just under 60 Apple devices via SMC. Many of which we can control the locking and unlocking of the device remotely.

We have noticed several devices can have a passcode "lock" command sent to, but cannot send an "unlock" to as the icon/button is not available for random devices.

Every device runs the same configuration profile, the iOS versions do vary, but we have ruled out this as a reason due to some devices running the same iOS can be locked and unlocked as ones that cannot.

Other than sending a wipe command and "trying again" we cannot see anything that will allow us to unlock a seemingly unlockable device before the data is removed. (The whole purpose of this is to retain the data still on the device).

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



  • Under the menu for Lock, you should see a "Reset Password" command. That will change the lock code and in some instances, I've seen it remove the lock code completely.

  • In fact, if your phone is an iPhone system that is iOS 8, you can try to unlock it with Siri. You can back up your current data again using a computer that was previously backed up with iTunes, and in most cases, you will not be asked for a password again. If you have backed up your data on iCloud, you can also browse the iCloud website to use the wipe function to erase your password and then restore the data from the iCloud backup. However, if you fail to unlock your iPhone successfully through the above three methods, this seems helpful to access a locked iPhone.

  • In my mind, i think everyone want to unlock iPhone without data loose, but there are only two methods from which you can unlock you iPhone passcode without data loss.

    Unlock iPhone via Siri

    Ask “ What Time It Is ” to Siri.
    Click iPhone Clock.
    Go into Timer.
    Click When Timer Ends.
    From here, if you can see Buy More Tones, you can click it and go to iPhone screen directly.

    Unlock iPhone via iTunes or iCloud

    If you already have backed up iPhone in iTunes or iCloud, you can use iTunes to "Restore iPhone", then you can reset your iPhone, but you need know the password when asked ;

    You can use Find My iPhone in, from Find My iPhone, you can erase your iPhone device, then you can unlock iPhone passcode, but you need know the Apple ID.

    So, those two methods have limited.

    Hope helpful!

  • Only if you forgot the passcode to access the iPhone, it will work as new iphone if you restore it to factory settings then set it up as new, following the steps here provided, but you'll lose your data, unless you have a backup made BEFORE you set up your iphone:

    If you forgot the passcode for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or your device is disabled - Apple Support

    If your iphone has an activation lock, only the previous owner can unlock it. If you can't contact the previous owner, that device is useless for you.

    If you forgot your Apple ID password: If you forgot your Apple ID password - Apple Support

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  • Hello Blake,

    As far as I know, at present there is no other way to unlock iPhone passcode without restoring your device, no matter you use iTunes, iCloud or a third-party unlock program, which means all your data will be lost. If you don't want your data is removed, you can try to take advantage of iPhone Siri bug on the premise that your iPhone is runnnig an iOS lower than 12. 

    Step 1: Press down the Home button to activate Siri and then ask it "what is the time now?" ;
    Step 2: A clock image will appear. Tap on it and hit "+" button to add another one;
    Step 3: A search bar will be provided for entering a city. Type any one and choose "Select All" button. Then choose "Share" option;
    Step 4: Tap on the "Message" icon to draft a new message. Enter some texts in the "To" field, and then hit the "return" key.
    Step 5: When the words turn green, click the "+" button to choose "Create New Contact" > "Add Photos" > "Choose Photo" to browse your album. Wait for 3~5 seconds and press the Home button again, which will lead you to the main screen of your device.

    BTW, this method will not cause data loss, but its success rate is very low, you can have a try.