Apps not installing or uninstalling

5th July 2020


I manage a number of Android Mobiles on Sophos Central -> Mobile. I an setup for Android Enterprise.

I need to uninstall some apps and install a new app. No what what I try, the apps are not installing. I am also finding that when I send an app to be installed, EG MS Outlook for Android, it is not automatically installing, it is sitting in Play Store -> My Work apps -> Library with the install button. 

Why does it not automatically install?

Any what do i need to check why apps are not uninstalling. The tasks on Central shows successful.


Dave S. Chunilal

  • Hi  

    By default, Android Enterprise users only have access to apps you’ve approved in managed Google Play. The features available for Google play in Android enterprise are listed here. AFAIK to do a silent installation(automatic installation) on android you have to upload an .apk installation file to SMC (apps - android - add app - android package)

  • In reply to Shweta:

    Hi Shweta,


    Thanks for your response.

    The app that I am trying to install has been approved in Managed Google Play and appear on my list of approved apps (apps - Android Enterprise) in Sophos Central Mobile.

    When I provision a new mobile, all the apps that I have listed in the task bundles install automatically, so why would MS Outlook not install automatically? For all those other apps, I have not downloaded the .apk, i just approved them in Managed Google Play and then attached them in to the Task Bundle once I "Retrieve app list form Google" and they appear in Apps - Android Enterprise list.

    I am also trying to uninstall Sophos email and that also does not uninstall.

    Basically, I need to uninstall Sophos Email and install MS Outlook instead. Additionally, I'd like to setup each person's outlook from central, so when it gets to their mobile, it installs, and is configured for their office 365 mailbox ready to use immediately. How would I do that?

    Kindest Regards


    Dave S. Chunilal

  • In reply to Dave Chunilal:


    Is it showing any error while you try to uninstall? Please check this community post and see if it is helpful. 

  • In reply to Shweta:

    6th July 2020

    Hi Shweta,

    No, there are no errors. The Tasks for this user shows as Successful, but the app remains on the device.

    From an installation point of view of MS Outlook, I shall check this links

    Kindest Regards

    Dave S. Chunilal