Sophpos Mobile & VPNIKEv2

Hi there,

I am very sad to see that in the newest release of Sohos Mobile there is still nothing abouth configuration profiles with VPN with IKEv2 - why is this feature still missing?

I know that there is one old (compact) thread here concerning this topic - but this did not help me in any way.

So myquestion: How is it possible to integrate an IKEv2 VPN configuration with iOS into Sophos Mobile correctly?

Would be great to receive some help.

Kind regards

  • Hi  

    Unfortunately the feature you are looking for is currently not available. The type of VPN connection available are:

    • Cisco AnyConnect
    • Cisco Legacy AnyConnect
    • IPsec (Cisco)
    • F5
    • Check Point
    • Custom SSL/TLS