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I have an entry-level Android phone which has low storage capacity. In that regard, it is (almost) always a struggle to keep essential apps whenever Google Play support libraries get updated as they take up what little free space I could find. So one of the things I had to take down is Google Chrome which takes up close to 100MB. I replaced it with Firefox Lite which helped me free up more than half of what Chrome consumes.


Although I understand that Firefox Lite is not officially supported based on the documentation for Intercept X for Mobile, there was a mention about Protected browsers (not tested). I was under the impression that browsers not officially supported can still be at least detected/listed so Sophos can pass the link to that browser after filtering has taken place. However, I don't see this not tested category after installing Firefox Lite. Sophos Accessibility Service is turned on and Android Oreo is properly detecting Firefox Lite as a browser since I have the option to set it as my default browser app, so I'm not sure why Sophos appears to be unable to see it.


So I guess my questions are: [1] is this Protected browsers (not tested) thing still in play and how can I make it work if it still is, and [2] will Sophos consider officially supporting the lite versions/Go editions of popular apps? For the latter, I think it would be helpful as not all users have a high-end phone and everyone's first (if not the second) line of defense is web filtering when it comes to mobiles.


Please help. Thanks in advance.

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    The browsers listed under the supported browser will only be able to use a web filtering feature. The other browsers which are under-protected browsers (not tested) which may work but these are currently not tested, hence we cannot assure that it will work as expected in your scenario it is firefox lite. There are no plans as of now for officially supporting lite versions however I would suggest you raise a feature request at and post your valuable suggestion so that our product management team can look into it and consider its feasibility. 

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    I just found your reply. Thanks for clarifying. I posted it on the ideas site per your recommendation.


    Have a great day.

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    Thank you for posting there. Please let us know if you need any other help.