SMC 9.5 IOS - car bluetooth vs. company contacts secure area

Hi *,

I hope anyone can help me about the following problem.

I implemented the new MDM solution in our company, based on a SMC server with the version 9.5.

I configured the DEP and VApp Process and the rollout of the IOS based and standardized devices runs flawless (email, workspace, EWS Notification etc.etc.),

but currently I have a "process" problem, which I cant solve.

My manager told me that the "secure company contacts" (name, nickname, phone number e.g.) were not resolved and / or synchronized with his car by bluetooth.

Currently he have to call the customers via smartphone and not with his "car entertainment system"...

Under this directive I created a new SMC Email container baseline for this device with the exception "The device has the permission to export the contacts to the device",

but this baseline doesnt work (?!?).

The IOS device told me (only one time, after that the swicth is grayed out) that Sophos Secure Mail has no access permissions the export the contacts to the device.

Every switch in the IOS device under "Configuartion/Privacy/Contacts" and / or "Configuration/EMail (Sophos)/Contacts" is enabled.


Any advices for me? How do you solve this "problem" in your company....!?

BR Paddy

  • Hi  

    I will check this with my team and get back to you for this issue. 

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    Please take a look into this article for synchronizing contacts with the car by Bluetooth, but this is only for the incoming calls. Selecting the contact via Bluetooth will only be possible if you export the contacts to the device locally and then you can make the changes in the restrictions as well under Company data "Allow Managed apps to write/read contacts from the managed accounts or to unmanaged accounts. 

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    Hi Shweta,

    thanks for the quick reply. Additional information - we use the IOS firmware 12.4.5 & 13.3 on our devices.

    I already enabled the option ""Allow Managed apps to write/read contacts from the managed accounts or to unmanaged accounts" below the restrictions profile, and rollout it successfully to the devices, but it doesnt work.

    Then I tried to disable the whole section named "Open documents only within manged Apps / Accounts" (free translation, because I use the german version *g*) and everything works now flawless. Now I can export the whole contacts with iCloud / local device.

    Only my opinion - thats not really a nice solution.

    Thanks for your help



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    Glad to know that the issue has been resolved for you and thank you for posting the solution here. We will share the feedback with the concerned team for this.