Sophos Secure Mail attach file and missed buttons


- new mail

- attach encrypted image via "Andere Apps" -> "Sicherer Speicher" ("other apps" -> "secure space"?)

and i've lost the "Abbrechen" and "Senden" ("Back" and "Send"?) button above the new mail.

- attach an image via "Gerätephotos" ("Image from device"?) the two buttons are back

- remove the last attached image nothing changes and i can send

I'm testing it on a iPhone while the whole device is managed by sophos central mobile.


  • Hi  

    Could you please check under Policy and see under restrictions, is there any restricted policy applied under Company data or applications causing this issue? I will also get this checked with my team and get back to you. 

  • In reply to Shweta:


    no, or better i can't find any restriction causing this behaviour. Only thing is that i'm not allowed to add unencrypted attachments from "other apps" were i get a error pop-up. But i tried again and it's enough to open the dialog "other apps" and then go back, you don't have to attach something. After selecting attach and "Image from Device" and again cancel and the buttons are back again.


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    I have checked this with our team, you will need to open a support case as this would require in-depth investigation. Once done, request you to please PM me the case number. 

  • In reply to Shweta:

    Hello Shweta,

    ok, so i'll open a support case.

    Regards and thanks