EAS Proxy Change Email Server


Looking to see if this is possible and hoping I'm just missing something...

We us the EAS Proxy Standalone currently configured to all email access to our internal Exchange Server. We are moving to Office 365 and would like to keep using the EAS Proxy to control device access to Office 365 email.

I updated the current configuration of the EAS Proxy to point to Outlook.Office365.com and it doesn't want to "re-point" the users to O365, still is communicating with our internal Exchange Server.

Is there a caching issue that needs to be cleared or is this configuration not going to work and I'm going to be stuck having to reconfigure all mobile phones by deleting and re-adding the profile back?

I hope that makes sense. Just want to update the EASY Proxy without impacting all mobile devices using that EAS Proxy.




  • Any suggestions? Am I stuck having to delete/re-install a mail profile for each OS?


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    Could you please refer to this article and see if it helps you. Let me know if you have any concerns or queries regarding the same. 

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    Thanks but I have read this article and it doesn't help. My mobile device is connected to the EAS and when I update the EAS to point to O365 instead of my internal Exchange Server I am still connected to my internal Exchange Server. I even tried deleting and re-adding my email profile but it still doesn't point me to O365.