Aufwandschätzung einer Ersteinrichtung von Sophos Mobile in Central bei 25 Geräten

Hello together,


I have to install Sophos Mobile in Central for a Customer completely new. There will be About 25 devices of different Kinds (apple and Android).

Our Customer want to have an estimated efford, how Long i will Need. Could you tell me your average Hours or days you Need to install, configure and enroll the devices.


Thanks for your support and your Knowledge.


  • Hello,

    This depends on the functionality that has to be included. What are the expectations of your customer? Have you ever worked with Sophos Central and Sophos Mobile Control? Device owner mode or container mode? Are different user groups needed? Do the users need additional support? How many apps have to be included? Is email used and how is it connected?


    Lots of questions which makes it very difficult to answer your question.

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    thanks for your quick answer. Exactly These Questions I asked our Sales man.

    To my experience. Yes i already worked with Sophos Central and Sophos Mobile, but never installed it for a Customer completely new. I just had the Certified Engineer for Sophos Mobile and Sophos Central but never configured it for a new costumer. But I already changed some configurations of a Sophos Mobile Customer from us.


    I think there will be sure About 3 or 4 Groups.

    After getting the Information I will Reply and hope on a short message from you.

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    Hello Jelle,

    now I have some more Information.


    It should work in an device owner mode and there will be some Windows Tablets and IPhones. The Customer works with Exchange Online from O365. And the most important configuration for the first will be:

    - do not allow appstore/Windows store

    - Enrollment and Active Sync with O365

    - lock and delete device if lost (for all devices)


    What you think? How Long it would take to manage this with 25 devices?


    Thanks for your support and your answers.

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    Hi ,

    it still depends on how much you are familiar with Sophos Mobile Control. But if you know how to set up SMC in general I would say not more than one day for SMC setup in Sophos Central with testing. Additionally deploying an Android device in device owner mode including factory reset takes me about half an hour at max, but of course you can deploy several phones simultaneously which reduces time a lot. 25 devices is possible in less than a day (at least with Android devices). I have no experience with iPhones or Windows Phone on SMC so I can't give you any help on that. And if you are the one who gives the phones to the users you should add some time to explain SMC and SMS to them.

    To get familiar with Sophos Mobile Control including iPhone and Windows Phone I would guess it takes you up to 3 days including testing everything.

    Finally thats just my rough estimate. I hope it helps and works for you.

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    Hi Roman,


    I did plenty of new configurations of Sophos Mobile Central in the last few months.
    The first configuration is very fast to do - Setting up the AD conncect, APNS Certificate and Android for Work Account.
    The only thing that's a little time consuming is the apple business portal. The registration can take up to 5 days because of apple's verification.
    No 5 Days you have to work, but 5 days you have to wait.
    Sometimes it's faster.

    In Case you don't want to use the Apple Device enrollment program the configuration of the Sophos Portal should take you about 1,5 hours (make shure you have one mail adress without an apple account for the apns certificate portal an one for the business portal).

    The configuration afterwards is normally also very fast. If your customer knows what kind of settings he wants you can begin to configure. If not you need about 2,5hours to explain every single configuration possibility.
    Also make shure (if working with Android Enterprise Work profiles) to get an Applist with needed Apps before you start so you can approve them in the playstore for work. Notice: in Work profiles less system apps are installed so you also need to approve things like a contact app.

    so for the configuration of 4 profiles plan about 5hours.

    The Enrollment on 25 Devices should be possible in one Day (8hours).


    Based on your question you are a service provider (like me). In this case i would recommend to sell PrePaid Services also. Most customers experience the days after enrollment Problems that need to be fixed. With PrePais service you have a buffer for such questions.

    If you have Problems feel free to PM me.




    Malte Borcherding