Sophos mobile control asking for Plugin

Hi all,

Im able to enroll all kind of devices (android & IOS) without any problems except this one:

Device: OnePlus 7.

I download Sophos Mobile control version 9.0.3446, Scan the QR code for enrollment, then it starts popping up with a message that it needs a plugin.
Im only able to find an old plugin for Samsung in the Play Store. Not for a OnePlus.
I have Oneplus5 & 6 running without problems.

In the screenshot it shows the device is compliant, when I look in Sophos Central it shows the device as not compliant and not managed.
Enrollment of the device also keeps as a pending task (status notified) in Sophos Central.

Anyone have had this issue or can point me to a solution/direction to solve this?

Thanks in advance!