iOS Update Not Working as Expected?

I have supervised iPads (Done through Apple Configurator, not DEP) and I created a task bundle to update iOS version. Here is what I am finding.

1. Cannot update iOS version in single app mode- Is this expected behavior?

2. When I take it out of single app mode and run the task bundle to update iOS it has to be done in a two-step process. The first time I use the task bundle it will download, but it will not install. I send the task again and        this time it will install - Is this expected behavior?

3. When the update finishes it requires user intervention to touch the home screen button to finish and complete? - Is this expected behavior? Any way around this?

  • Hi  

    1. This is the expected behavior. If the iPad is in single app mode, iOS cannot be updated. We cannot influence this as we can just send the update command to the device. 

    2. When you send the first update command, it will download the newer version of iOS and AFAIK, if automatic updates are turned on, then the installation happens overnight after they have been downloaded and you will receive a notification before the updates are installed. Your device must be charging and connected to WiFi to complete the update. Now, when you fire another update command, and if the OS is already downloaded, then it will proceed with the installation immediately. 

    3. This is default behavior from iOS and we cannot change that.