Can i able to Publish intranet website through Sophos Mobile Control App

Hi, we are having Sophos MDM Server version 8.1.3. My question is, Can i publish our intranet website through sophos mobile control app and users can able to access it from outside our network through App? Is it possible?



  • Hi  

    It is not possible to publish the website from Sophos Mobile platform at the moment. You can definitely access the internal website from a mobile device which is present outside the network through the Corporate Browser present under Sophos Secure Workspace app. More information here: Android- Click here iOS- Click here

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    Hi Yashraj,

    Thanks for your reply. I would like to configure sophos workspace app to access an internal wesbite from outside network.

    I had created a policy for corporate browser and given the internal URL and applied the policy to an android mobile. But when i am trying to access the website, showing err_name_not_resolved error.

    Could you guide me should i need to configure something in firewall? like authentication? or proxy? DNS?

    Appreciate your help.



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    Hi Ansar,

     Could you please share a screenshot?

     Yes, if the firewall or a proxy is in place then it is obvious that you have to configure it in a manner that the traffic can pass from those perimeter devices.

     If the firewall verifies the certificates then you have to push the appropriate certificates to the mobile devices as well.



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    HI All,

    As confirmed from sophos technical support team, that intranet website cannot be able to access from outside through Sophos container app unless the site is published to internet. So published website will work through sophos not the intranet unpublished site.