Sophos Central Endpoint and SEC: Computers fail/hang on boot after the Microsoft Windows April 9, 2019 update. Please follow knowledge base article 133945

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After reset/wipe of IOS device MDM starts enrollment and bypasses login. That was earlier never the case. All other tasks are executed normally.

After resetting an iPad the MDM enrollment bypasses the login.

All other tasks are normally executed.

Did I change a setting bij mistake?


RD Bakker.

  • Hi RD Bakker,

    Once the device is wiped, it will not be managed by Sophos Mobile Control anymore. 

    You will need to re-enroll the device so that it can be managed. 

  • In reply to Yashraj:

    I'm soory, but the answer is not the correct evaluation of this problem.

    As a (wiped or new) DEP device connects to the internet it should force to login to the MDM with Sophos MDM credentials, long before enrollment.  All devices did so the last year.

    I do see the Remote Management screen from Apple (DEP)

    I noticed that the device enrolls normally in the Sophos MDM, but is not assigned to the normal user.

    Best regards,

    Roelant Bakker



  • In reply to R Bakker:

    Hi Roelant,

    my best guess is somebody removed this checkmark in your DEP profile. If unchecked (like below), activate it and assign the profile again - then reset the device.

  • In reply to Christoph Pelzer:

    Sounds logical, but i've never used or changed the setting earlier.

    Nevertheless checking the box solved the problem.

    Thanks Christopher.

    Best regards,

    Roelant Bakker



  • In reply to Christoph Pelzer:

    Thanks a lot for that, very helpful! 

    run 3