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Lists in HTML mail not shown


in Secure E-Mail html lists are not shown correctly.

The list dots are missing, just as the first few letters.



  • first
  • second
  • third






Any thought on this?

  • Hi Volker Walbröhl,

    Can you help me with the Sophos Product version and the Device details in which you see this issue?

  • In reply to Gowtham Mani:


    Sophos Mobile 8.5.4

    any Android device (Samsung, CAT, ...)


    In addition/correction: if I forward a mail with dots (bullets) as list symbol (Outlook default), it's shown correctly in den section below but the recipient get's an mail without the list elements.

    Also the mail is shown without the list dots but no text is cut off.


    The Text is only cut off, if we use a "-" as list element.


    I attached 2 screenshots and the forwarded message as displayed in Outlook for better understanding.

  • In reply to Volker Walbröhl:

    Hi Volker Walbröhl,

    If you have an active license, I would request you to open a support ticket to proceed with this further to our development team. If this is confirmed to be a bug we will have it investigated internally to fix it.