What email clients are supported by Sophos Mobile?

HI, what email clients are supported by Sophos Mobile?  I don't see anything in this list.   I know the secure email container is configured as a 'container' profile but what about a fully managed device, what email clients are supported, is it only the native?  This question relates to all supported platforms.  Thank you


  • Container access is limited to Sophos own email client ( which btw is very good )
    For other "native" apps you would have to configure email to be delivered to the device itself, usually via ActiveSync in most cases.
    While this works for us for heavy iOS users - it limits the automatic controls we would like ( ie, emails are blocked if you remove a PIN code from your phone )
    For Android apps - we didn't entertain native apps, we went solely with Sophos Container secure email.

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    Many Thanks Mark.  When you mention 'to the device itself' do you mean manually configure email on the device?  In which case the secure email app will always be recommended as that may be too much to ask of users.  Thanks

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    No - what we do is create a profile / policy for the device that has our exchange details in it - you just need to replace the account name and email address with % variable % to then allow it to work for anyone.

    For example in the User part of the exchange setup you would use:


    and in the email part

    So when you assign a device to a user all you need do is make sure the username in Sophos MDM aligns with your exchange username.

    You can then hand the phone over to the customer and they will be prompted to enter their email password, everything then stats to sync to the native device apps.

    Hope that makes sense.