Sophos Anti-virus & Security App with Intercept X For Android (version 9.5)

I have more than one question. First question;

For the past several days I suddenly started receiving spam/phishing text messages 3 and 4 times per day and spam phone calls as well and my understanding is I thought Intercept X For Android/Anti-virus & Security detected those type threats and alerts the user but I was never alerted of such. Can you please give me an explanation of why it didn't detect any threats? If so, I need some guidance on how I am to proceed where there is a threat?

My 2nd question; The storage manager in my android settings had Sophos Anti-virus & Security App listed as an App that had been Idle or not been used for the past 90 days  (option to uninstall). How can this be true when I see the log files and should I be concerned if suspicious files or apps are slipping through?

Thank you for your time.

  • Hi  

    Sophos Intercept X for mobile doesn't detect SPAM messages or call on your phone. It provides device security, network security, application security or web security.

    If any of the threat is coming through the application or through web traffic it should be detected by it.

    For the 2nd question, would you please suggest if you manually open the Intercept X for mobile on your phone what is the timeline for that application.

  • In reply to Jasmin:

    I appreciate your response. As far as I know, my text messages come directly through the Android Messages App. I don't know how to tell otherwise. I'm still currently receiving phishing texts but not as frequent as they were, all I know to do is block them but it's not really fixing the issue.

    The other issue I found was with the storage manager listing the Sophos Security & Anti-virus App as an app that hadn't been used in 98 days (as of today). I took a screenshot but I can't seem to find an option to share to this reply. Any advise you can share would be appreciated. Thank you Jasmin for your help and time with these issues.

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    Unfortunately, I'll not be able to help on the phishing texts.

    Sophos Security & Anti-virus guard is an add-on plugin for Sophos Intercept X for mobile and Sophos mobile control. It just makes sure that both the applications are running in the background. Because in most the Android OSes, there is battery optimization enabled which terminates the applications as both of consumes battery all the time while running in the background. Security & Anti-Virus guard just make sure that battery optimization doesn't hurt these apps and they run continuously in the background.

    You'll actually not see this application on your mobile and not be able to open it. As the application might never open these days, it might be showing that it is unused for 98 days.

    Please let me know if you still have any query regarding this.