Please help why is website showing as Malicious

Please help why does our fixed website keep showing as Malicious on virus total. When I contact the varying companies they says ok and take it off their list. But I go back and check and another company has it as suspicious or  malicious

Is it an SSL licence issue? Is there still issues help

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    Sophos does not upload any data on Virus total. We do upload the files with users permission to be scanned on our databases, this is done by Sophos Clean. Virus total has an independent mechanism and they would eventually update their database. Kindly help me with the website which is showing malicious so that I can check that in our Sophos Database. 

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    Thank you for providing the website. I have checked in our Database and the website categorized under Phishing category. I would request you to kindly submit the website to our Sophos labs for re-categorization. Alternatively, you can create a website tag under global settings>website management to allow the website.