Web browser crash issues - after removing "Malware Defense"



Earlier today one of my family's computers was hit with the "Malware Defense" Trojan, one of the things that pretends to be a legit AV program but isn't (like AntiVirus 2009). I followed the steps on Bleeping Computer, using Malware-Bytes and the workarounds with .exe renaming. The malware itself now seems to be gone but ghe main problem is all my web browsers crash within 30-60 seconds of opening them (FF, IE, Opera) and downloading Chrome causes the downloader to crash. Also, even when I do not have IE open, I will get an "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close." box about every 5 minutes. I have IE8 on this computer along with WIndows XP SP3 and AVG Anti-Virus.I reinstalled Firefox and IE8, but to no avail. Before running MalwareBytes, "Malware Defense" had set up a redirect to make all addresses go to spam sites. Now I can go to any site but it inevitably crashes in a minutAny advice on these kinds of aftereffects? I'd appreciate some help or advice.


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